More hand study rebloggin' because I SUCK at drawing hands.


A glorious fuck-ton of average male/female facial juxtaposition references.

[From various sources]


Source: JaneMere


I was going to review my french and linguistics but then this happened instead.
Except it’s 3.30am so it’s half-assed. //shotdead

But hopefully people will find this of use. \o/ Sorry this took so long, Anon, and I hope it answers your questions.


A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

[From various sources]


Coloring tutorial for Anon! This took about 30 minutes to make in total, but I essentially use the general principals here for most of my pieces, from painted to this cel-shaded… thing. Hope this is slightly useful!


When I was trying to figure out paint tools sai I had a hard time finding helpful tutorials.
So I’ve decided to post some things I’ve discovered that were useful. (And maybe might be useful to you)


Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.


a quick and sloppy tutorial on drawing profiles for the anon who requested it. hope this helps some people! 


YEAH lots of people asked about bodies and poses SO
UMM THERE”S not much i can cover on full bodies idk every cahracter is different so there are noEAXCT proportions for anythign REALLY 

IF YOU”RE NOT SURE WHAT POSE TO DO jsut draw a random gesture line that fits the direction of movement and sometimes u end up with really ENERGETIC POSES!! I DUNNO THIS METHOD MIGHT NOT BE FOR EVEYRONE SOBS i dont reallly know